How Do Braces Work?

By July 15, 2017Braces
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Braces can solve a variety of orthodontic problems (crooked teeth, overbite, underbite, open bite, etc.). Orthodontic treatment with braces from Scantlebury Orthodontics help patients near Park Slope, NY achieve perfectly aligned teeth, a better functioning mouth, and a beautiful, healthy smile. Most people know what braces do (they result in straight teeth), but many people really have no idea how braces work to do what they do. Dr. Sophia Scantlebury and the team at Scantlebury Orthodontics want you to better understand how you can get that dynamite smile with braces near Park Slope, NY.

How Braces Work

A little pressure goes a long way! Braces are comprised of several parts that work together to apply pressure to move the teeth, and they each play a specific role to help straighten the teeth. The brackets are the small square pieces that attach firmly to the front of the teeth. The brackets act as an anchor for the archwires. The archwires are the metal wires that stretch over the row of teeth. They help to guide the movement of the teeth, pulling them gently to the right position and order. The elastics or rubber bands, if they are indicated, are attached to hooks on the braces, and they work between the upper and lower teeth to achieve proper alignment. All of these components together allow braces from Scantlebury Orthodontics to help patients attain straight teeth and better alignment.

How Retainers Work

Retainers are an important part of orthodontic treatment. Retainers work to keep the teeth in their proper positions. Once the braces come off, teeth begin to shift. Retainers stabilize the bones and gums so that the teeth stay firmly in their new positions. Retainers come in many shapes and sizes and can be removable or permanent. They may cause a small amount of discomfort as they place pressure on the teeth and gums, but this discomfort will ease with use.

How to Get These Appliances to Work for You

Now that you know how these orthodontic treatment systems work, you may be wondering what they can help in your situation. Straight teeth mean that less food and bacteria can get trapped in between. And a truer, more functional bite contributes to the overall health of the patient.

If braces near Park Slope, NY sound like they might be a good fit for you, set up a consultation with Scantlebury Orthodontics. Dr. Sophia Scantlebury will meet with you to assess your specific needs and help create an individual plan of treatment with braces to suit your goals and your lifestyle. Or, if you have recently come out of orthodontic treatment and need to look into retention, Scantlebury Orthodontics will be happy to help.

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