Best Foods to Eat with New Braces

By October 13, 2017Braces

best foods eat new braces
Getting braces for the first time feels a little different (and if you already have braces you can relate this to your adjustment/tightening appointments with Dr. Sophia Scantlebury). To help you get used to your new braces, we here at Scantlebury Orthodontics encourage you to change your eating habits for the first few days.

5 Food Suggestions to Eat with New Braces

1. Think, “Smooth.” Smoothies! A convenient and balanced, delicious meal in a glass! Throw whatever you like in a blender; add some protein to make it more filling; maybe even a handful of spinach (you won’t even taste it)!

2. Think, “Soft.” Some things that are soft, but delicious and braces friendly include: tender turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, soups, chili, pudding, oatmeal, and yogurt! All of which are good choices during your first few days with braces.

3. Think, “Easy to chew.” Some things that are easy to chew include: scrambled eggs, omelettes, and quiche. And as you know, meat isn’t off the menu entirely: some shaved turkey cold cuts will do it, or some tasty baked haddock, or maybe a mean meatloaf!

4. Think of something new. Getting braces is the perfect time to try something new (e.g., a soft cheese you haven’t had before, like Munster or Brie, or a grain, like couscous or quinoa). You may end up discovering a new staple for your everyday diet.

5. Think, “Healthy.” So many fall into the ice cream trap when they first get braces. You are different! You want the nourishment you need to look and feel your best!

The Best Thing to Drink with New Braces?

Drink lots of water throughout the day when you first get braces. And avoid soda and sugary drinks as your teeth are even more likely to cavities when you have braces. Ready to start your journey to a healthy, beautiful smile with braces? Contact us here at Scantlebury Orthodontics to schedule your FREE consultation!

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